Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Belt Holes and happy happy happy

stayed up chattn with the folks, slept a little, but I had a great workout

Hit the 24hour in Pleasanton

Did back, shoulders, and biceps

90 lbs x 5
100 lbs x 3 (10 sets)

threw a progenex shake mixed with 2 scoops of Warrior Milk afterwards - this stuff is working great

3.5 hrs later:

1 raw organic egg yolk
3 organic eggs - sunny side up in lard
2 scoops Warrior Milk mixed in organic coconut milk
1 scooop Progenex Growth

was really happy to see Jen - almost 2 weeks!!!

grilled mushrooms
14 oz of steak (ny strip and kobe)
creme fraiche

2 scoops Warrior Milk with organic coconut milk

on this day Baba put in 3 new belt holes - will see if any of these work on Wednesday morning

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