Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rest of my second Minnesota Trip

well, it finished up with a great workout, a high calorie day and then a full day fast

I really wasn't very proud of my high cal day, but live and let live...

nice thing is I came back and my folks commented how good I looked, considering how high my ultimate goal is, it did feel good

so Wednesday morning I woke up and did chest, triceps, and biceps

Dumbell Press

50 lbs x 7 (4)
50 lbs x 5

33 total reps

Tricep Overhead Press: 40 lbs x 8 reps

Bicep Curl

40 lbs x 2
35 lbs x 3

finished up with another tricep overhead press: 35 lbs x 8

threw down a progenex shake

then threw another one down 2 hours later

couple hours later, threw down an AP

Mongolian Barbecue with WuXi colleagues
2 oz organic beef jerkey

3 hours later: Jay Robb whey + FRS

ate dinner at Cafe 28 in Minneapolis

lentil soup
burger with fresh goat cheese/roasted beet
banana cake + cappacinio

back at the hotel, threw down a scoop of Progenex Growth, Jay Robb and a dark chocolate bar

lots of protein this day

Thursday was a challenging day at work, politics wise

I fasted all day and flew home

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