Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minnesota Trip 3: Day 11

couldn't sleep last night and went to Byerly's late

was really hungry, had a breakfast at like 6 in the morning, right after I knocked out Incline Perfect Pushup, 40 - I think I will get up tomorrow and work out again

not raw - but total carb count = 27 grams (of course I popped an Anabolic Pump before I ate)

1 organic pastured egg yolk
1 can coconut milk
12 oz 100% grassfed summer sausage
0.19 lb raw cheese

total calories approximately 1900 calories

at night

anabolic pump
1 organic pastured egg yolk
0.32 lb raw cheese
brick of pate
4 sweet peppers

3100 calories for the day

fasting tomorrow

that means I will have made it through the trip, not exactly as planned, but with no true cheat foods and an additional fast day

next week, may try a 3 day water fast between Tuesday and Thursday, or at the very least Tuesdays and Thursday - also going to keep to 2 meals a day, rather than three, including post-workout protein

at the very very least, 2 fast days - Tuesday and Thursday

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