Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Four Days Before My Second Minnesota Trip

so a summary of Wednesday through Saturday before my next trip to WuXi

I started feeling a little under on Wednesday, but I started off with a workout

knocked out 133 Perfect Pushups, 19 sets of 7 in 30 minutes
also did 3 Neutral grip pullups

dropped a Progenex afterwards

had a nice big breakfast of eggs, bacon, fry bread, and organic blueberries after taking an Anabolic Pump

went up to the city, and popped another AP before throwing down a Prather Ranch hot dog and went to Avatar's with my girl

at night I had 2 scoops of chocolate Grow! and smoe dark chocolate

Thursday was simple, just a teaspoon of efas in the morning

dinner started off with a scoop of Progenex Growth + SRG

then 3 raw organic egg yolks
1 small avocado with organic garlic
1 lb ribeye with horseradish and organic cultured cream


morning workout

did shoulders, standing military press

90 x 5
80 x 26 (sets of 6 and the rest 5)
2 Dips
Barbell Curl: 55 x 8

threw down a progenex shake

late lunch of a big egg breakfast with bacon and fry bread
dark chocolate, raw colostrum

total of 64 oz of raw colostrum

at night

unheated honey
raw colostrum
Shalimar with my girl and my bro


woke up even more sick than yesterday

had a nice rich breakfast
3 organic eggs sunny side up
6 slices of bacon
1 smoked sausage

later a scoop of Progenex Growth + SRG


1 organic egg yolk
1 avocado with 2 organic garlic cloves
1 spoon organic cultured cream
1 lb ribeye

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