Friday, March 5, 2010

tons of food today...

yeah - one day out of seven, not bad ok?!?

started off with PowerFull and con-cret, then my first workout in a week

did 168 Perfect Pushups in 46 minutes

had a progenex shake, then another one 1.5 hours later!

popped an anabolic pump

then a gourmet chocolate bar and a Jay Robb protein with a FRS mixed in

then a ghetto vietnamese lunch

later in the day had some more chocolate

then another anabolic pump, went to Namaste Chai in Minneapolis

had momos (bison and lamb)

glass of red wine

lamb curry/rice/roti

came back and had a Jay Robb with cinnamon....

just found a gym in my hotel... gonna burn off this stuff tomorrow

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