Sunday, March 7, 2010

if great, why not do it again! but high calorie end of day...

got up - threw down con-cret and 3 PowerFull

Did a great back, shoulder, and biceps workout

threw down a progenex (of course)

then another one few hours later (yes!)

dinner was high high high calorie... but that's because next 3 days just raw meat and eggs

First I popped an Anabolic Pump on my ride home from Whole Foods

1/2 lb ny strip (raw)
potatoes/sweet potatoes
0.19 lb raw goat cheese
fage yogurt
Jay Robb Whey - 1 packet
Bacon Chocolate Bar
1 pint organic heavy whip cream

I feel really good about myself - I like feeling my body change

will be clean all week, including a fast on Thursday

Saturday will be fun foods, then right back on Sunday - a little sick of meat, so may stick to eggs and warrior milk for the few days I am home

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