Saturday, May 8, 2010

a lot of great with a not so great finish

woke up really stressed from work

took some con-cret and went to the 24hr fitness in fremont

did mostly chest

Bodymasters Incline Press

190 lbs x 3: 2 sets
180 lbs x 3: 8 sets

Nitro Vertical Chest Press - Inner Grip

155 lbs x 4, 3

23 minute workout

progenex shake + 6srg + a scoop of Warrior Milk

later in the day, popped a magic

had a nice brunch at my folk's place

2 organic russet potatoes in lard
3 sunny org eggs in lard
1 hot sausage
dark chocolate and truffles
1.5 scoop Nitrean

went to Sausalito with my folks

went to Cibo and had some coffee and pot de creme and sweets

then the Wellington Wine Bar for a glass of wine

then met my brother at Avatar for a nice dinner which included a flying horse beer and a nice red wine to go with my crab and pumpkin enchiladas

got into a huge fight

drove home kinda pissed

got home and ate a ton of dark chocolate, a fage yogurt and 2 scoops of Warrior Milk

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