Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding Sunday and the aftermath

so got up in the morning like at 4!

was tired but had a nice low carb breakfast

2 organic pastured eggs, sunny side up in lard
1 hot sausage
1 scoop whey isolate

hit the gym, did some more lat pull downs, bicep barbell curls, and chest

threw down a progenex shake + 6 srg

little later a Terra Whey and some organic coconut cream

then drove to Walnut Grove for Jen's sister's wedding at the Ryde Hotel

a lot of fun

lot of booze and food and night of chocolate

woke up, eating clean today

threw down a scoop of Nitrean and a scoop of Progenex Growth + 4 srg

then lay out in the sun with my girl

nice late dinner

bite of steak
1 raw organic egg yolk
0.9 lb prime ground beef

4 scoops warrior milk with organic half and half and coconut cream

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