Friday, May 14, 2010

Minnesota Trip 5: Day 5

still jamming to this Kick Ass Brainamp

had a great workout this morning at the hotel gym

Total Workout Time: 52 minutes

Dumbell Row: 13 sets of 5 (65 reps) - next time goal is 75 in bigger sets

Cable Shoulder Press - Setting 16:

25 lbs x 8
30 lbs x 5: 10 sets

Dumbell Lateral Raise

25 lbs x 3

Perfect Pushup (Raised for Shoulders): 8

progenex MM + recovery

2 hours later

Growth + 1.5 scoops of GNC Wheybolic
4 srg

Birthday lunch for my colleague Aidan, threw down 6 NC Berry Green before

We went to Granite City Brewery , I had the ale cheddar soup, bacon cheeseburger, waffle fries and a Northern Light beer , came back and threw down a scoop of Jay Robb protein

Dinner was nice - had two actually

went to Hoban for korean food

Went to Crave at the Mall of America at night for some sushi and a brownie torte and a vodka

so sick, ate tooooo much

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