Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Minnesota Trip 5: Day 3

woke up at 182.6 lbs @ 26.4 % BF

hit the downstairs gym hard for chest and kept going in my room

Standing Cable Press

40 lbs at Setting 22: 55 total reps

Incline Dumbell Press at 30 degree angle: 50lbs x 5, 2

slight shoulder pain

Overhead Tricep Dumbell Press

40 lbs x 12, 7, 7, 7: 33 total reps

Back in room

Perfect Pushup: 80 total reps

total workout time: 60 minutes

threw down progenex shake with more muscle

few hours later a scoop of growth + 4 srg mixed with a scoop of Jay Robb

dinner, same as yesterday

2 tsp purity farms ghee
1.1 ny strip - raw

goal is to workout really hard and long with this progenex more muscle concoction

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