Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 25 of New Progenex Challenge

so these next two days are my last Progenex for 6 days because I have to hit the stage on Saturday and I'm trying to minimize dairy for my voice

I saw Blue Angels today! it was awesome, totally fun

worked out in the morning after popping 9 Morph, Chained Out and 10 Humapro

had my first workout and the gym in the Marina

Dumbell Chest Press

45 lbs x 5
55 lbs x 5: 5 sets

wow! strongest yet

Chinups/Close Grip
5 - in singles

Perfect Pushups
5 sets of 7

popped an AP, then Progenex More and Recovery with coconut milk and almond milk

went to go watch the Blue Angels and popped 10 Humapro

few hours later popped Chained Out and 10 Humapro

dinner was at Mamacita's, a cookie from Kara's, and dinner/dessert at Bistro Aix

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