Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

so I'm still recovering, but I wanted to hit the gym to move some muscle

actually had a pretty great workout

Chained Out and 10 Humapro pre workout
another scoop and a half of Chained Out during my workout and to swill down the 10 Humapro post workout

Dumbell Press
55 lbs x 5: 5 sets
kinda stuck at this weight, I need to focus on the positive, I'll get to 60 lbs in time

wanted to get my shoulders so I did clean and press with 80 lbs, wow! you can feel your whole body working

3 reps - 5 sets

then I wanted to keep working biceps, as I got nice feedback on them the last two weeks :)

30 close neutral grip chinups - 10 sets of 3

scoop of Modern BCAAs 90 minutes later

I wanted to have potatoes, so I threw in a second workout at home while watching football

chinups, pullups, and neutral grip
30: 10 sets of 3

guns lookin' better!

took 2 anabolic pump before my protein/carb/fat rich dinner

0.61 chuck steak, sliced thin with wheat free organic soy, lightly cooked with organic garlic, organic thyme and rosemary, and half a jalapeno
pound or so organic potatoes in bacon fat and tallow
4 slices bacon
1 scoop super plasma with organic cinnamon
stacked with 10 Humapro

that was pretty delicious!

Happy Halloween!

Giants playing today, Game 4, they lost game 3 yesterday

30 Humapro total

one more thing:


4 TO 0

one more to go!

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