Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 32 of New Progenex Challenge

so, this second pulse fast took off 3 lbs, but more importantly it got my BF% down to 23.8%, I know not super accurate, but it's promising

I was really strong today in the gym

I popped some Powerdrive and 3 Powerfull before my workout, with Chained and 10 Humapro, pre and post - 4 scoops Chained Out total


5, then 6 sets of 4, then 3

3 pullups

then chinups, 4 sets of 3, then an additional one with a static hold

45 chinups total and 3 pullups

popped an AP, and had a huge breakfast with corn tortillas, taters, eggs, bacon, guac...

later had 10 more Humapro

I sang at temple, it went really well, then I had some prasad and a late dinner at Luka's

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